Dear Readers

When I was growing up one of my favorite authors was Stephen King. Another was Piers Anthony.

These two would consistently put a piece at the back where they talked to me, the reader. It always felt… personal. Like I was having a conversation with them over coffee or something. I loved that! It gave me insights into their lives, where their ideas came from, and it made me feel connected to this person whom I had never met.

I hope, in this blog, to do something similar. I love and appreciate every person who reads one of my stories. Even if they hate it. I know right, some do hate my writing. I’m not for everyone and if I was then I wouldn’t be doing my own goal.

What do I want when I write a story?

I’ve thought about this a lot actually and only recently has it started to come clear to me what I really want. I used to answer that question with I want readers to enjoy it. I want to entertain. These are both very true. I do want those things but I realized that’s not what really motivates me to write. When I get done with a story and I type THE END that’s not what I look back on when I think about that story and those characters.

I want to create emotions in my readers. I want to affect you. I want you to laugh, to cry, to experience the trials and tribulations of these characters that you and I create together.  My goal is to always involve you as a reader.

Miranda (my loving fiance) reads all the latest trends in Romance books and points me in the right direction of what I should be reading to see what’s “hot” at the moment. She and I talk a lot about this business of writing. I could write what everyone else is writing. Readers seem to like that. A lot of the most popular books right now are very much the same structure, the same plotting, very much just what you’d expect when you expect it. I’m not saying those authors are not talented, they are! A lot of them are friends of mine and they are amazing people and writers.

But… that’s not me.

I can’t write exactly what you expect. I don’t write exactly what I expect. I have to put my own unique spin on what I’m writing. I hope that you enjoy it. I don’t want to be predictable because these people I’m writing about are not predictable. They’re people I’ve met along the way and they have their lives and in the end I’m just giving us all a bit of insight into a few moments of their existence.

They go on when we’re done. Sometimes we come back and see what happens next. Sometimes that’s all we get to know about them.

I may not be the typical Romance Author. I’m a man for one. That breaks the rules right off the bat. Men aren’t supposed to write romance! I don’t keep in line with the tropes and expectations. Maybe because I’m a man? I don’t know.

What I do know. I believe in love. I believe, really believe, that love can conquer all. I believe that we, as humans, are meant for better things than we allow ourselves to believe. I believe that for each of us there is a perfect someone we just have to be brave enough to find them and strong enough to accept them when we do.  My stories are, at their heart, action packed, character driven, and below it all they are about love. Love being challenged, fought for, and won.

I appreciate you all. I hope everyone of you has that love in your life and if you don’t my sincerest wish is that it finds you, sweeps you off your feet, and carries you away to perfect happiness.


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