A Man In A Woman’s World

“I was a little hesitant to read this one based on the fact that the Author is a man.”

I’m more than a bit of an oddity. I’m a man in a woman’s world.

I’m not the only one but I’m one of the rare ones that actually tells you, the reader, yes I’m a guy. Yes I’m writing romance.

I know this is odd and it works against me. I get reviews every so often where the reader mentions they were hesitant to read my book because I’m a man. I’ve debated writing under a pen name. I just … I like being me. I’m different. My writing is different.

I don’t write completely “on trope”. I have a lot of writer friends and I’ll tell you several of them do much better financially than I do. They write exactly what is expected. They don’t vary the formula, they don’t shake it up in the slightest. As a writer I can look at their story and break it down and I know exactly what’s going to happen next because it’s a system. Just to be clear there’s nothing wrong with this and the market of readers rewards them very well. I appreciate their skill in being able to do this. I just… can’t.

I’m not sharing exact formula stories with you. You and I, together, are looking into the lives of these characters in this world that they are sharing with us. So my stories are different. They’re more action packed and sometimes they aren’t as romantic as they should be. They are always, always, a love story. Sometimes they’re going to be hot, sometimes that’s just not in the cards for those characters. If I was following the rules it would be. It’s expected, it’s supposed to be there, but I have to be true to the story and the characters.

On my last release I broke the mold again a bit because it was a coming of age story. I could have skipped over that part of the story and not shared it with you. Placed it only in ‘backstory’ for my readers but I was interested in what was going on in Elise’s life. There’s a lot of story to tell there as she aged magically but more as she matured mentally. It’s been one of my best reviewed stories and I hope you all enjoyed it. It was a decision I made because I felt you, my readers, would like to SEE her story and her growth and not just be told about it as something in passing.

I’m a man in a woman’s world.

Maybe it’s because in my house I’m the only male. I have five beautiful daughters, four of whom still live at home with Miranda and I. That, I know, influences me a lot. Raising them, rooting for them, empathizing with the things they are going through, learning and doing is a huge source of inspiration.

Maybe it’s because I’m a romantic. I believe in true love. I believe love can conquer everything. There is no barrier in this universe that my love of Miranda will not let me overcome. No matter how dark it may seem at the moment if we’re together, it all works out just fine.

Maybe it’s because I found my soul mate. When I see her every day my heart jumps up. My world is brighter with her in it.

So I own it. I’m a man visiting a woman’s world and thank you for letting me. I sincerely appreciate every one of you who takes a chance on me. My truest desire is to entertain and to take you away from whatever is happening in your world for a little bit. If I can pull at your heart strings, make your blood boil, make your emotions run wild then so much the better. Thank you for reading and sharing these character’s world with me. I┬áhope that you will let others know there’s this odd, quirky man who somehow is able to write a ┬áromance.

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